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Job and Career Resources

Job Opportunities

  • MyFutureLink:  To deliver integrated, easy-to-understand workforce information that helps job seekers, students, workers, workforce intermediaries, and employers develop their capacity and make sound economic decisions in the new economy.
  • Prospective Internships: A Student Internship with the County of Riverside can offer a unique, hands-on experience that can complement classroom knowledge and serve as a foundation to launch a successful public service career. Participants can gain real work experience by being responsible for projects in their area of interest while positively impacting the community and residents of the County.

    Participating Riverside County Intership Departments:
    Animal Services
    Assessor-County Clerk-Recorder
    Board of Supervisors
    Child Support Services
    Community Action Partnership
    County Counsel
    District Attorney's Office - Victim Services
    District Attorney's Office - College Academy     
    Economic Development Agency
    Emergency Management
    Environmental Health
    Executive Office
    Fire Protection
    First 5
    Flood Control
    Human Resources
    Information Technology
    Medical Volunteer Program
    Mental Health
    Public Defender's Office
    Public Health
    Public Social Services
    Purchasing and Fleet
    Riverside University Health System
    Registrar of Voters
    Transportation and Land Management Agency
    Veterans' Services
    Waste Management       

GED Preparation

California has approved the use of two high school equivalency tests (GED® and HiSET®) for students 18 years old and older, and 17 years old in some instances, for the purpose of receiving a California High School Equivalency Certificate.

Do you wish you had your high school diploma? Classes will provide you with review and practice of your math, reading, and writing skills.

GED and High School Equivalency Schools:

Riverside County Office of Educations – High School Equivalency Testing:

Education Opportunities

Riverside County strives to provide the best possible atmosphere for positive educational opportunities for all our residents. The following websites offer additional information about the schools and libraries located within the county.

Riverside County School Districts -


A union apprenticeship is an excellent career choice if you like to work with your hands; are willing to serve an apprenticeship for up to five years, depending on the trade you select; have dexterity, mechanical ability, problem-solving skills and the ability to work collaboratively with a team; want to earn a living wage and good benefits; and want the opportunity to advance in your career.

Find an apprenticeship near you:

Trade Schools

A trade school, sometimes referred to as a vocational school, technical school, or vocational college, is a post-secondary institution that's designed to give students the technical skills to prepare them for a specific occupation.

Find a trade program near you:

Other Job and Career Resources:

English as Second Language Classes

Riverside Unified:
Alvord Unifed:
College of the Desert:
Blythe ESL Classes:


An expungement allows you to reopen your criminal case, set aside the conviction and dismiss the case. As a result, your criminal record will no longer show the conviction. However the expungement will continue to appear on your record. It is important to note that the expungement does not clear from your record the fact that you were arrested or that charges were filed.

Riverside County Court Expungement Assistance:


Riverside County adult schools offer citizenship classes that prepare you for the naturalization interview and for the test. To become a U.S. citizen, you have to complete an application (form N-400), attend an interview and pass an English and civics test.

Citizenship Classes -

Selective Service/Military

The Selective Service System is an independent agency within the Executive Branch of the U.S. Federal Government. The Director of Selective Service is appointed by the President of the United States. Selective Service is not part of the Department of Defense.

Selective Service System:
Find a military recruiter near you: