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    As soon as the other parent is notified about enforcement, he/she moves. How will I ever be able to collect child support?

    It is difficult to enforce child support payments when the other parent continually moves to avoid paying. You can help your case if, whenever you learn that the other parent has moved or has a new job, you provide this information to the RCDCSS as soon as possible. Federal legislation now enables prosecution of a noncustodial parent if that parent lives in another state, territory or possession of the U.S., and if the case meets certain other criteria.

    I have a California support order. The parent paying support now lives outside of California. I asked RivCoDCSS to try to help me collect support. The judge in that state lowered the payment amount. Is that legal?

    Yes, RivCoDCSS has asked the other state to enforce, and they have control to modify the payment amount based on current income and situation. RivCODCSS initiates these interstate actions to get collections we are unable to outside of the state of residence of the parent paying support, such as intercepting state unemployment and disability payments.

    I have a California support order. The noncustodial parent now lives in another state. I know he/she has land and other assets in California. Can the RCDCSS help me collect on the past-due amount?

    Yes. The fact that the parent paying support now lives somewhere else does not prevent RivCoDCSS from reaching his/her assets in California. Please advise your case worker of any known assets to ensure liens are in place.

    Can parentage be established for my child if the father lives in another state?

    Yes. The fact that the noncustodial parent now lives somewhere else does not prevent RivCoDCSS from establishing parentage. 

    What should I do if I am planning to move to another state?

    Inform RivCoDCSS whenever you move, whether you move across the street, to another state or another county. RivCoDCSS will tell you what you need to do to make sure you still receive child support services in your new location based on your specific circumstances.


    What happens when the noncustodial parent has money to pay child support but still will not pay?

    The court may find a noncustodial parent in contempt of court if that parent has the ability to pay but is willfully not paying the child support. This enforcement tool is used only when all others have failed.

    What should I do if the noncustodial parent moves away?

    Tell our office when you or the other parent moves, no matter where. They can transfer your child support case to the county or state where you move if you are a custodial party. Also, tell our office where the noncustodial parent moves. Child support can be enforced anywhere in the United States.

    I have a California support order. The other parent lives in another state. I asked the other state to help me collect support. The judge lowered child support. Is that legal?

    No. The laws known as the Full Faith and Credit for Child Support Orders Act and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act prevent states from changing another state's court order. If the child lives here and an order is issued in California, in most cases only a California court can change it.

    May I look at the payment records?

    If you are the custodial party, you may view those payments that have been issued to you. If you are the parent paying support, you may view the payments made by you that have been processed. You just need to apply for a PIN (Personal identification Number) to access the information online.