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🟤🟤Double Espresso Shot S3:E7- County Supervisor Chuck Washington

Meet District 3's County Supervisor!

Author: Waldir/Tuesday, July 6, 2021/Categories: Uncategorized

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Welcome to Season 3 Episode 7 of Riverside County Department of Child Support Services Coffee Break Podcast with our Host Nathan Hartel, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations “all things related to child support and more”. (0.23) Introduction of our Special Guest Supervisor Chuck Washington from 3rd District of Riverside County.  (1:31) Supervisor Washington will discuss what is going on in District 3, Riverside County, what is Supervisor Washington's role, and how he got to where he is today.  This episode is an “Espresso Shot”, Over quick, packs a punch, it is rich, and it is full!  (13:47) New things that are going on in the County are discussed, such as three new libraries!  (19:51) Let’s begin to wrap up the Episode today and how our listeners can get in touch with Supervisor Chuck Washington: 951-955-1030.  If you would like to contact any of the other 4 districts, the last 4 digits change to reflect the district.  District 1: 951-955-1010, District 2: 951-955-1020, District 4: 951-955-1040, District 5: 951-955-1050.  (21:51) Subscribe to our podcast: available on a variety of platforms including, Spotify, anchor FM, apple podcast platform, and contact us at RivCoDCSS.com.


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