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Coffee Break Podcast S3:E8 | RCOE Language and Literacy

Special Guest Dr Molly McCabe from Riverside County Office of Education

(0:07) Introduction with Nathan Hartel (host) Deputy Director of Child Support Services. (0:57) Nathan gives an outline of Dr. Molly McCabe's background. (2:15) Nathan discusses to primary things Child Support Services does as part of a caseload 1 We establish court orders for child support and medical support,2nd we enforce orders. (4:29) Dr. McCabe discusses how her passion is driven by her family background she explains how her own father had a difficult childhood, but because he develops strong literacy skills he was able to pursue the life he wanted to live and that’s what drove Dr. McCabe and all her work. (5:44) Nathan goes into as an agency how Child Support Services values the role parents play and how they strive to do their best. (7:16) Dr. Molly McCabe explains that ultimately the goal of the initiative for every single child in Riverside county has strong literacy skills develop by the end of 5th grade. (7:27) Defining literacy as the ability to read, write, speak, listen, and represent your thinking/ideas. (9:00) Dr. McCabe gives her top 5 examples of what families can do to support literacy development in children. 1) Create a love of reading, (11:34) 2nd example Family conversations (speaking & listening) (16:07) 3rd example Let them learn about things that they are curious about. (15:10) Nathans gives an example of how you can reinforce reading with your own children. (19:50) Dr. Molly talks about her 4th example of support literacy with children “find lots opportunities within your natural setting”, work on all literacy skills have routines (20:08) Using TV shows and movies to develop literacy  (21:12) work on comprehension to develop literacy (23:28) 5th example of developing literacy skills  Attend family literacy events and reach out to local libraries. (24:21) Nathan speaks on our 3 brand-new libraries in the county French Valley, Menifee, Desert Hot Springs. (25:58) What to do if your child’s teacher says your child is behind. (27:30) Dr. Molly McCabe strongly suggests you ask for resources that the district and the schools have available to the parent. (28:00) If you have young children that are still learning to read use these resources (28:53) If you have older children you can use these resources to help with literacy. (30:57) Dr. McCabe says, “Don’t try and do too much”. (31:56) How to respond to a child that just doesn’t like to read. (33:28)” Give incentives” sometimes children just need a little incentive to engage. (35:38) Nathan shares the families we serve at Child Support Services. (36:44) Dr. Molly McCabe explains the important role our families play with their children in literacy. (29:02) Dr. Molly gives closing remarks with great resources for families on the Riverside County Office of Education web page. (39:36) Follow RCOE on social media Twitter:  @rcoe, Instagram:  riverside_coe. (40:36) How you request services and open a new case with Child Support Services.

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