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β˜•πŸ₯„ Coffee Break Podcast: Diversity, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusion!

with special guest Sahar Andrade of Sahar Consulting LLC

Welcome to RivCoDCSS Season 3 Episode 6 Coffee Break Podcast. Diversity, Unconscious Bias, and Inclusion – a Conversation between RivCoDCSS and Sahar Andrade with Host Nathan Hartel, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations. (0.10) Introduction of our Special Guest Sahar Andrade of Sahar Consulting LLC. (1:35) Diversity, equity, and inclusion related to child support, the most relevant topic because at the core of our mission as a public service agency is our customers and who we serve. (4:33) Sahar shares who she is, what she does, and her area of expertise. She explains and discusses the definitions and terms. (9:04) The public’s perception vs the actual internal climate of the Agency is explored and explained. (13:26) Expectations from both the agency and the public are explored by Sahar. (18:56) RivCoDCSS is there for everyone. (22:18) Responding with empathy but the customer is not accepting, how can an agency resolve this? (27:00) Sahar provides a practical piece of advice to help the customer navigate the system and get the results that they need. (28:54) Sahar explains unconscious bias. (32:15) You recognize you have unintentionally offended an individual, how do you recover from that? (36:25) Diversity and inclusion, talking at its core, response to other people, consideration, thoughtfulness, time, and attention. Sahar and Nathan have a back-and-forth explanation and discussion on how it affects RivCoDCSS and our clients. (40:00) It’s time to wrap up, thank you to Sahar for being part of the podcast, and Sahar shares some additional closing thoughts and advice. (44:13) How can you get more information about Sahar and what she is doing. www.saharconsulting.com and a large library of videos available on her YouTube channel - saharconsulting. On her website you can join her mailing list, you will be updated with all the latest information and activities. (45:21) Nathan wraps up this episode of the Coffee Break Podcast. Thank you for joining!

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