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New Services Fees


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Starting in February 2021, all credit and debit card transactions will include a service fee. You have four (4) options to make a payment with your credit or debit card.


  • Credit and debit cards processed online will charge a 1.9% service fee on every transaction. This fee is paid to the card processor and is not kept by Child Support Services.
  • Make an online payment now.

By phone:

  • Credit and debit cards processed over the phone will charge a 1.9% service fee on every transaction. This fee is paid to the card processor and is not kept by Child Support Services.
  • Make a payment over the phone now at 1-866-901-3212 and select Option 1.

At your local child support agency:

  • Credit and debit cards processed through an automated payment kiosk will charge a 2.2% service fee on every transaction. This fee is paid to the card processor and is not kept by Child Support Services.
  • To find out if your county has an automated payment kiosk available, check the listing on our Find A Local Office page. 

With PayPal:

  • There is a 2.49% ($3.95 minimum) service fee on every transaction. This fee is paid to the card processor and is not kept by Child Support Services.
  • You will need your Participant ID number and a PayPal account.
  • Make a PayPal payment now.

COVID-19 Updates

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Get up to date information regarding COVID-19 changes. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, California Child Support Services realizes the impact this is likely to have on case participants.  We know that for some of you, the need for financial support for your children will continue or increase. Paying parents may be experiencing the financial hardship of lost wages and worrying about the penalties for missed payments.

For up to date information, click here:


Modify Your Child Support Order by Stipulation Workshop

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If you would like to avoid going to court, you can to meet and confer with a Child Support Court staff member, either together or separately. If both parents can agree on a child support amount, their signed document becomes the “Stipulated Agreement,” which is filed with the court and becomes a Court Order. For more on the benefits of this, join us on our Virtual Workshop and learn how you can modify your order! 

RivCoDCSS receives Outstanding Child Support Program award

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The California Child Support Directors Association (CSDA) has awarded Riverside County Department of Child Support Services (RivCoDCSS) with its Outstanding Child Support Program award for 2020. This award is presented to one of the 49 local child support agencies throughout the State of California. The Outstanding Program Award recognizes a California County agency that has consistently and comprehensively exemplified the best in child support practices through an outstanding record of performance and in providing effective services to its constituency and its community.


The virtual award ceremony was held on Nov. 5th, 2020. “We are grateful to receive such an award. This award it’s truly a team effort for all our hard work and determination. “said Kimberly Britt, Director of RivCoDCSS. “We are here to help and will continue to assist those in need.”


CSDA recognized RivCoDCSS specifically for its change in work culture and performance. Over the last five years ago, the department has placed an emphasis on improving employee engagement and focusing on work-life balance. The creation of a Supervisor Academy was established to assist anyone in the organization interested in developing their leadership skills.


Additionally, the creation of an IDEAS Team facilitated by staff rather than management has extended trust to those who know the business of child support better than anyone. The IDEAS Team helped implement new marketing campaigns and initiatives. Trust was extended further with the creation of flexible schedules, award-winning telecommuting options, and staff inclusion in strategic planning.


By providing an opportunity for all levels of staff to be included in strategic plans while implementing new ideas, our department has expanded in collaboration with a variety of community partners. Family Law Assistance Center is available five days a week to assist families in need of family law support. RivCoDCSS established partnerships with Family Resource Center, Workforce Development, Community Action Partnership, and Fatherhood Engagement agencies to provide much-needed resources for families. Resources include utility assistance, co-parenting workshops, transportation assistance, mental health resources, and job placement assistance.


This honor is awarded annually to a child support agency that consistently exemplifies quality child support service to its constituency and community. This award was presented by CSDA, the leading organization honoring excellence in the child support program. CSDA, which nominates and selects award winner, comprises local child support Directors and their employees.


RivCoDCSS was honored at the fourteenth annual CSDA virtual awards ceremony on Nov. 5th.

RivCoDCSS wins Program Awareness award for Coffee Break Podcast

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Riverside County Department of Child Support Services (RivCoDCSS) garnered national attention as the winner of this year's 2020 National Child Support Enforcement Association (NCSEA) Leadership Award for Program Awareness.


NCSEA Leadership Award recognizes the best practices of child support agencies across the nation that are improving customer experiences and pushing the boundaries of how public services are delivered. RivCoDCSS received the Program Awareness award for our Coffee Break podcast. RivCoDCSS earned the award by using new innovative technologies to present child support programs in an informative and positive manner. The Coffee Break podcast provides awareness to existing child support customers, the general public who may need services, counties and government agencies, and employees. The podcast has over 1,000 downloads across all the episodes and has downloads in over 14 countries worldwide.


"The podcast proved to be effective in reaching parents. When the pandemic first hit, the podcast provided a perfect opportunity to inform parents of how they could get in contact with us, the status of our office closures, and how we could continue to assist them," Nathan Hartel, Deputy Direction of Operations, stated.


When other local child support offices and other facilities nationwide closed abruptly due to the coronavirus pandemic, the Coffee Break podcast provided up-to-date information to keep parents connected with RivCoDCSS programs and services. "We weren't quite sure how many people we were going to reach when we started the podcast, and I'm amazed that folks outside of the country tune in to listen," stated Bruce Wagner, Chief Attorney. Since its launch, the Coffee Break podcast has received national recognition and high customer ratings from parents for its convenience and informative content.


Both parents paying child support and persons receiving child support can subscribe to the podcast to become informed on available resources. Additionally, the podcast features guest segments from agencies and partners providing local services such as job training, free tax preparation, family law assistance, and utility payment assistance.


NCSEA continues to serve as an advocate on behalf of children by promoting sound public policy and resource allocation to support those policies' implementation. NCSEA annual conference aims to encourage child support services by educating, connecting, and inspiring those who work in child support.





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