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☕ Coffee Breaks Episode 3 with Special Guest First 5 Riverside!!!

with your host Deputy Director Nathan Hartel

As we continue our Coffee Break with our host Nathan Hartel, Deputy Director of Programs and Operations of Riverside County Child Support Services. Episode 3  (0:13​) Introducing Tammi Graham the Executive Director of our community partner First 5 Riverside. (1:01​) Tammi Graham the Executive Director of First 5 Riverside introduces herself and gives a brief summary of her time with First 5. (1:33​) Nathan goes into discussing the number of families we serve at Riverside County Child Support Services and services provided by the department (1:51​). Services include establishing court orders for child and medical support, services helping our families be self-sufficient, and the roles other agencies can play in helping with that. (2:30​) Tammi gives insight on what to expect on First 5’s website. (3:15​) Even though COVID impacted many individuals, Riverside County Child Support Services continues to offer services virtually. We are here for our customers. (4:06​) Tammi explains how COVID impacted the services provided at First 5 Riverside. Tammi discusses how First 5 partners with other community-based organizations and how funding is still available for these resources. (5:08​) Tammi gives an example of a community-based provider that First 5 helps fund jointly with Prop-10 and CalWorks. (6:55​) First 5 is anticipating a return to in-home services they provide. (7:27​) Nathan discusses how child support customers can obtain an appointment virtually. (8:06​) Tammi discusses the history of First 5 and how she started out, and what her mission and vision are. (9:08​) Information about 58 other First 5 agency’s state and local levels (11:03​) Understanding First 5 and going to website First5Riverside.org. (11:54​) Type of First 5 services that are available to you parents with children ages 0-5. (12:10​) Do you need Medi-Cal or help feeling out the application, First 5 can help at their Mecca Valley location. (12: 40) Another resource offered through First 5 is mental health counseling, legal services, and much more. (12:56​) Enhanced partnerships provide expanded resources for customers over the age of 5. (14:15​). Knowing where to go and what to ask with connecting partners from other agencies such as Riverside County’s First 5, Public Social Services, and Child Support Service. (15:04​) Tammi discusses the different family resources offered at their Mead Valley location. (16:10​) Resources for parents and how to obtain a parenting kit. (18:27​) What can a customer expect from First 5? (19:34​) The role of First 5 and its relation to childcare. (20:49​) Early childhood education and development. (21:08​) Tammi talks about the relationship with Riverside County’s Behavioral Health and the Set for School program. (25:15​) First 5 contact information. (25:43​) If you see something, say something the slogan for Child Abuse Awareness month.

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